Sylvia Peterson has been a religious volunteer in Washington State prisons for over twenty years.  She also offers religious counsel at the Special Commitment Center (SCC) for sexual predators on McNeil Island.  She and her husband have written two offender re-entry programs for the Washington Department of Corrections and train staff on their application.  Sylvia and her husband live in Steilacoom, WA and pastor a rural church that has services at the volunteer fire department, where they are also chaplains.  Sylvia has a Masters in Biblical Studies and a Masters of Divinity.  She writes a weekly religious column that is published in three newspapers and online. 

The author and her husband provide assistance and support to local pastors who are concerned when identified sex offenders want to worship in their church.  Sylvia is the Founder and Director of Agape Resource Ministry, a 501(c)3 organization that assists offender families while their loved one is incarcerated.  For the past nine years, Sylvia has traveled twice monthly to visit the SCC and meet with Laura Faye McCollum. The result is the book, Laura and Me.  Sylvia Peterson recently retired from a 35-year career in nursing to free up more time to write.


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