Have you ever wanted to know why adults sexually harm children? 

Perhaps you were a victim.  Have you ever told anyone, or did you keep the secret all these years?

Or maybe you have held someone you love while they cried and shook and told you their shocking and tragic story.

You may be a professional - social worker, pastor, physician or educator who feels helplessly overwhelmed when your are told "what the problem is."

Quite possibly you are none of these, yet hardly a night goes by without the news reporting another child has been harmed or is missing.

We all ask the same question, "WHY?"

In 2003 Sylvia had a unique opportunity to find the answer.  She was asked to see Laura Faye McCollum, the only woman in Washington state who is confined indefinitely as a violent sexual predator.  Believing a man wouldn't answer questions truthfully, she hoped Laura could.  Until Sylvia understood she would not forgive her own perpetrator.  It wasn't very complicated.  All she wanted was to know "WHY?"

So why do adults sexually abuse children?  This book is Sylvia's journey to find out "Why?"



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